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  • Gorgeous, all wooden game 

  • Cloak (cover) small pieces with big pieces, but remember where they are!

  • Align and reveal three small pieces of the same color and score!

  • It’s the shell game meets tic, tac toe in a game the feels familiar and fun

On your turn, move any piece on the board one space in any direction. For the small pieces, the adjacent space must be open to move. For the big pieces, you can move onto any open adjacent space or onto any adjacent space with a small piece. As small pieces are moved and covered (kloaked), you have to remember where they are. Be first to align three sets of 3 small pieces of the same color and win!

Includes wooden game board (with foam feet) , 10 big wooden pieces, 15 small wooden pieces and rules for 2, 3 and 4 player games 

Kloak Box.jpg
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