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I'm often asked, "How do I get my idea on the market?" If you've ever wondered that, here's a video you may find useful.To get a toy company interested in your idea, you're going to have to pitch them! This was a panel I moderated at People of Play's Inventor Pitch & Innovation Conference, featuring Inventor Relations Executives from the top toy companies in the world, including (at the time) Adam Hocherman of PlayMonster, David Winter of Jazwares, Gillian Ruan of Mattel and Tanya Thompson of Hasbro! Here you'll learn what makes a pitch good, what makes a pitch go south, what a sizzle video is and why you need one, and more! If you still have questions, connect with me over on my Bio page and let's talk toys!

If you're under 18, you need to check out The Young Inventor Challenge, an international toy and game design competition for kids, ages 6 to 18. The YIC (as it is known) allows participants to pitch their original inventions to major toy and game companies, industry professionals, and members of the media. Over the past 18 years, 12 games, (designed by kids!), have been licensed by leading toy manufacturers and seen on toy store shelves around the world! Oh yeah!

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