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  • For 3-12 players, ages 7+

  • Helps build comprehension, word recall, and vocabulary!

  • Includes 200 cards (1200 clues!), 6 game pieces, game board, die, and rules with junior version

The Bible Game of Word Racing!

Players take turns reading a simple Defunition aloud, while other players BLURT out guesses in a hilarious race for the right word.  So blurt fast, but will you get tongue-tied trying to blurt first!?

What's the word for "The line where the sky and the land or water meet ... HORIZON! (Job 26:10 14)

A long, piece of lumber cut thicker than a board ... PLANK! (Matthew 7:3).
The last letter of the Greek alphabet ... OMEGA! (Revelation 1:8)

 Don't think LONG and HARD, think FAST and FUN!

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