Sarasota, Florida (July 1, 2016) – Getta1Games, the new US game company 

owned by Dennis and Crystal Callaghan, (Tree Toys), and Tim Walsh (The Playmakers) , debuts with high-quality, wooden games for kids and families looking for lasting fun and connection.


“We first introduced our games five years ago at the Nuremberg toy fair, and have been developing new games ever since,” President of the company, Tim Walsh said. “So when we launched in the US last month, we had 17 games in our line right off the bat. At the ASTRA show in Denver, people were coming up and asking, ‘Wow, where’ve you guys been?!’ It was fun. What makes Getta1Games different is that we are the manufacturer, so our pricing is very competitive. Secondly, we have a passion for games. Face-to-face play strengthens families and friendships. What’s more important than that?”


Walsh worked for Patch Products (now Play Monster) as it’s VP of Product Development and Marketing and was instrumental in taking that company from $3 million in sales to over $23 million in sales in the nine-year period he worked for the company. He will spearhead the product development and marketing arms of Getta1Games.


Crystal Callaghan is the CEO of Getta1Games’ parent company, Tree Toys Corporation Taiwan.  Situated in Taipei, Tree Toys runs a state of the art factory in Lukang, where all its Wild Science® science kits are manufactured. “For Getta1Games, we have Tree Toys Ningbo, our production facility in China,” Crystal Callaghan said. “From there all our wooden, educational and gift products are made. We make sure all our products are the highest quality. Our own standards meet or exceed all international safety standards.”


Dennis Callaghan formed Tree Toys P/L in 1985 in the garage of his home in Turramurra, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. Although the company is best know for its line of Wild Science® educational science kits, its original products were wooden, educational toys, making the launch of Getta1Games a return to the company’s roots. “We have made a ton of games over the years, for the Wiggles, Peppa Pig, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, et cetera, but I grew tired of building everyone else’s brands,” Callaghan said.  “These are our games and our brands. We’re fired up!”


And the name? “We have a mutual friend who saw one of our games and loved it,” Walsh shared. “His English isn’t perfect, so he said, ‘I gotta getta one!’. The name stuck.”



Contact: Tim Walsh 

(941) 926-8004