Wham-O, 2018

“Best Gift Books of 2008. Tim Walsh's picture-heavy history... will provide a nostalgic kick for Mom and Dad, an object lesson in geek enterprise, and, for Junior, the seeds of the next million-dollar idea...” 

— John McAlley, NPR

Andrews McMeel, 2005

"An illustrated compendium of America's 20th-century favorites."

– Cynthia Crossen

The Wall Street Journal

"(A) loving roundup of playthings that were invented long ago and cherished still."

– Gene Shalit, Today Show

"Rare indeed is the reader who will be able to resist perusing this hefty, sweet-natured book that presents the history of dozens of classic toys....    This is the kind of book you give to one person and find the whole family reading."

– Deirdre Donahue, USA Today

River Grove Books, 2016
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