Tim Walsh

Entreplayneur, Fearless Leader
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I have the greatest job on earth. I help strengthen the relationships people have with their family and friends. I design toys, games, books and films that people use to connect in playful and powerful ways. This is important. Play is not the four-letter word society often says it is, but a means through which we live full, engaged lives. Play is the greatest form of fellowship.

In the age of the internet and social networking, we are connected to everyone. But a very good question to ask is, are we truly close to anyone?  As a toy and game designer, I have created or developed games like Blurt!, TriBond, Mad Gab, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Catapult Pizza, green screen movie making apps and more – all offering people fun through face-to-face interaction. This aspect of each design is very much on purpose.

As the author of Timeless Toys and WHAM-O Super-Book, I try to connect readers with their youthful past, a time when play was king. My documentary film Toyland, from director Ken Sons, is a love letter to our collective childhoods. I was blessed to act as Creative Consultant on the film, which won “Best Documentary” in three American film festivals.

When we “grow up,” we grow old. I agree with play theorist Brian-Sutton Smith who said, “The opposite of play isn’t work, it’s depression.” Thanks for checking out my website. Join the fun and remember to Seize the Play!

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I am 6’ 7” tall – the toy world’s biggest elf.

I was born on Christmas Day, 1964 and destined for a life in toyland.

My book Timeless Toys sold over 86,000 copies.
My two biggest selling games, TriBond and Blurt!, have sold over 4 million copies collectively.

I played professional baseball for the Indianapolis Clowns, the last barnstorming baseball team in American history.

Products I created have been written up in The New York Times and featured on Good Morning America.

I am a proud father of two amazing girls and the proud husband to an amazing wife!